Ricoh Black Toner Cartridge (888328)

£69.74 (£83.69 including VAT).

Ricoh SPC420dn Black Toner Cartridge (Genuine) (888328)


Genuine OEM High Yield (15,000 pages) Toner – Toners may be branded as either Ricoh or one of Ricohs European brands (Ricoh, Nashuatec, Rex Rotary, Gestetner, NRG, Lanier or Infotec). Fits the following printers: rexrotary c7425dn Rex Rotary C7425dn, rexrotary spc410dn colour printer Rex Rotary SPC410dn, rexrotary spc411dn colour printer Rex Rotary SPC411dn, rexrotary spc420dn colour printer Rex Rotary SPC420dn nashuatecc7425dn Nashuatec C7425dn, Nashuatec spc410dn colour printer Nashuatec SPC410dn, Nashuatec spc411dn colour printer Nashuatec SPC411dn, Nashuatec spc420dn colour printer Nashuatec SPC420dn, ricoh CL4000dn Ricoh CL4000dn, Ricoh spc410dn Ricoh SPC410dn, Ricoh spc411dn colour printer Ricoh SPC411dn, Ricoh spc420dn colour printer Ricoh SPC420dn, gestetner c7425dn Gestetner C7425dn, gestetner spc410dn colour printer Gestetner SPC410dn, gestetner spc411dn colour printer Gestetner SPC411dn, gestetner spc420dn colour printer Gestetner SPC420dn